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Meditation-a moment in time to appreciate the present

About 2 years ago I began my practice of meditation with the Calm app and in particular with sage guide, Jeff Warren. His conversational way of introducing new practitioners to meditation helped me to overcome my fear of doing meditation "right". For several minutes each day I am reminded of my body, my breathing, the universe of my mind and I am subtly taught about letting things go and letting people and surroundings just be.

Jeff calls his sense of peace equinimity. It is an attitude of acceptance that things I notice with judgment I don't have to notice with any thoughts at all, I can just notice and move on. The freedom of equinimity is one where I give myself persmission to be right here and right now and for this moment in time, everything is the way it is.

Taking time out of my thoughts, activities and reactions is a mini vacation. I would recommend this practice. No perfect way to meditate is Jeff's attitude, whatever is most comfortable for you, he maintains. I look forward to the next time I get to practice this most precious art of meditation. Hope you will join me.

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