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Mary O'Connor, LMFT
Founder & Principle
Online counselling
What clients say

"Coming from therapists who have given bad information, seemed uninterested, and whom have not championed our relationship, I am so grateful for Mary. She has listened, understood our issues (as a couple and individually), and given active tasks that we can do, or ways of changing our paradigm, to understand ourselves and each other better. She also has given our relationship the confidence we have needed to start to mend our relationship, and instilled hope that we will have a bright future ahead - despite our rocky past. Mary is AWESOME!

"Mary is wonderful and really easy to talk to."

"Mary is compassionate and thoughtful. She listens and encourages. She has been helpful on my journey.

Mary O'Connor is an experienced licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has had years of experience working with couples and families in transition. She has worked in the field of family counseling, substance abuse recovery and prevention of family violence. She has been training therapists for over 25 years and loves the work she does with couples and families. She has written books on anger management and getting through divorce and several published articles in newspapers and websites. Her sense of humor is contagious. She will help you prioritize your challenges. Whether its a few sessions or a longer time, she will support your process of healing.
Her problem solving professional approach is combined with great admiration of her clients who are experiencing many of life's challenges.
Mary will help you sort out your feelings about what you are experiencing and help you build confidence in your ability to cope with difficult problems you are facing.

Since Mary O'Connor is also a co-founder of a non profit and managed the agency for over 30 years, she understand the challenges of small businesses, and can give another perspective when you are feeling stuck.

 During her career as therapist and business consultant, she has created and maintained innovative programs and protocols, garnered contracts and partnerships with other agencies.

Mary is extremely caring with everyone she encounters! I was so grateful to have been referred for her help at FACES. My experience with the facility, staff & Mary has made such a positive change in my life. 

 Dec 19, 2022 after therapy with Mary for 1 month on issues concerning relationship

Mary is fantastic! Really funny and easy to get on. Very observant and reflective. Loved how she was always kind and had a good balance of challenge.

Very focused and fair. I’d like to return back to Mary as part of my journey.

 Written on Nov 14, 2022 after therapy with Mary for 2 months on issues concerning relationship

Very helpful in listening, helping me sort through my issues and explaining possibilities through an objective point of view. Always with a caring demeanor too! Greatly appreciate her

 Written on Nov 04, 2022 after therapy with Mary for 3 weeks on issues concerning relationship

Given me so much clarity thank you

Online counselling
In Mary's own words

I love being a therapist! So grateful for finding such a rewarding profession that brings me so much joy! For most of my career I have worked with families in crisis from divorce, substance abluse, families with custody issues, children caught between warring parents, and have trained dozens of therapists to become excellent therapists, grounded in compassion. As a business owner and director of a non profit for over 3 decades I know the stress of managing the day to day operations, staying focused, and have experienced  the challenges of  a non profit business sustained for the greater good, while maintaining an operational budget, conducting outreach and conforming to state and federal government rules .

In my practice, I have worked with families who own their small businesses and helped them sort out the challenges of communication when home to work and work to home clashes. I love my work as a consultant and therapist and welcome your inquiries!

If you are experiencing the stress whether from running a family business, managing a pre teen or teen, caring for aging parents, juggling marriage, family owned business, transitioning in your work life, you are not alone. Those who use our consultations have found innovative ways to communicate better at home and at work.  You can text your name and something about your problem and we will get back to you! 

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