For most of my career I have worked with families in crisis from divorce, substance abluse, famlies with custody issues, children caught between warring parents, and have trained dozens of therapists to become excellent therapists, grounded in compassion. As a business owner and director of a non profit for over 3 decades I know the stress of managing the day to day operations, the challenges of keep the doors of a non profit open and employees paid. I have worked with families who own their small businesses and helped them sort out the home to work and work to home clashes. I love my work as a consultant and therapist and welcome your inquiries! Text your name and something about your problem and we will get back to you! 

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Mary O'Connor, LMFT
Founder & Principle
Online counselling
What clients say

I have been called a good listener and a good responder. If you want to improve your relationships and need a little coaching, we will work together. It is so rewarding for me to watch the changes as clients begin their journey of change. We sometimes just need another encouraging person to help us believe in ourselves. email us at mary@marykoconnor.com or fill in the forms here. Looking forward to talking to you! 

"Coming from therapists who have given bad information, seemed uninterested, and whom have not championed our relationship, I am so grateful for Mary. She has listened, understood our issues (as a couple and individually), and given active tasks that we can do, or ways of changing our paradigm, to understand ourselves and each other better. She also has given our relationship the confidence we have needed to start to mend our relationship, and instilled hope that we will have a bright future ahead - despite our rocky past. Mary is AWESOME!